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2019-2020 Clothing Store Link

Team Code is: OFMWHBF5 Shipping is $4.99 flat rate plus $1.99 per item.

2019-2020 Team Gear Store Open

In this order are your options for shoes, undershirts, socks, backpacks, etc. These items are for your interest only. If you want to get other shoes, socks, etc. you are welcome to do that. As you can see, there are great prices with this order compared to what you find online. In the event that Eastbay included sleeved undershirts and compression shorts that are longer than the length of your shorts, they are not allowed in practice or games as per team expectations. Our clothing order will also be available soon. Keep in mind the shipping charge per order and pay attention to open/closing dates.

Help With Dibs Registration

Help With Dibs Registration

"For the Love of the Game"

Another great video on parental involvement from a basketball player and team perspective.

"I Love Watching You Play"

Here is a good video on Youth Sports and the role of the parent. At least something to think about.

Past Captains and Other Information Needed!

 If you have information regarding captains, team records, and/or statistics from past Bluejackets teams, please e-mail the information to Coach McDonald.

Please check out the Records and Awards pages!

Problems Registering? Please click this link.

If that does not solve the problem, please contact: Customer Success Resources