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Access Codes to Remind and Schoology

4th-6th Grade Schoology Code

All players (on an iPad or on a computer) should use their credentials from school to add the 4th-6th Grade Basketball Course. Non-public school players have credentials to log in as well. Please let us know if you need help. Your coaches may be able to help you.

To join, visit and log in. Public school players should use their school email and password to log in and then use the code below as they click/tap join or add course.


Remind Codes for All Basketball Levels

These are all new courses, so last year's courses will not be used any longer. This is our method of making announcements to players and families. Our coaches are NOT to send texts to do so.

All players and parents should join by going to and add these codes to join a certain level. You can also try to send this code as a text to the number 81010, but there has been a lack of reliability with that and our new Remind system at HHS. 

Varsity: @gakhb3

Junior  Varsity: @f772e

C Squad: @c4agk8c

8th Grade: @6f6k47

7th Grade: @6f7944

4th-6th Grade Travel: @8ebgdf

K-3rd Grade Hot Shots: @k3ho

2019-2020 Hibbing Boys Basketball Registration (K-8th Grade)

This is the link for registration for players in Grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Help With Dibs Registration

Help With Dibs Registration

"For the Love of the Game"

Another great video on parental involvement from a basketball player and team perspective.

"I Love Watching You Play"

Here is a good video on Youth Sports and the role of the parent. At least something to think about.

Past Captains and Other Information Needed!

 If you have information regarding captains, team records, and/or statistics from past Bluejackets teams, please e-mail the information to Coach McDonald.

Please check out the Records and Awards pages!

Problems Registering? Please click this link.

If that does not solve the problem, please contact: Customer Success Resources