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Hibbing Boys Basketball thanks you for your support of our program.

Hibbing Boys Basketball

Hot Shots Without Concession Shift

Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade

B. Aune

D. Aune J. Bottoms N. Adams T. Gangl A. Henderson L. Bussey
R. Brown T. Dietrick I. Williams J. Carlson H. Hendrickson T. Hoheisel A. Smerud
N. Virnig J. Hanegmon K. Burkes T. Clark B. Movers K. Jukich K. Wojcik
E. Heise G. Incontro T. Gangl A. Everett P. Lori L. McClellan Z. Lewis
K. Koskineimi J. Lee J. Greiner I. Hendrickson   L. Nelson W. Martin
R.J. Weberg P. Monte E. Heise D. Kolden     T. Perry
S. McMillen C. Nelson Z. Howsen A. Landem     A. ReCore
L. Steinbrecher J. Perez M. Hughes A. Langer     P. Sladek
  Z. Rentch A. Landem E. Larson      
  L. Sellman B. Masheimer C. Hartikka      
  J. St. George K. Menara J. Markovich      
  M. Stavnes I. Nelson E. McNeil      
  J. Tanksley A. Reini J. McNeil      
    J. Scott N. Raiber      
    C. Tuckett A. Reckmeyer      
    E. Virnig S. Williams      
    C. Wetzel M. Wilson      


*As of 1:00 pm on 2/27/2017

Help With Dibs Registration

4th, 5th & 6th Grade Team Page/Course in Schoology

All members of the Bluejackets 4th, 5th, and 6th grade travel teams should add the following course in Schoology. 

Course: 2016-2017 Bluejackets 4th-6th Grade Travel Teams: Section 2

Course Access Code: 3ZV4S-PPB3C

You can join this course by using an iPad/iPhone app or by going to If you need assistance with this procedure, please talk with a  coach. 

**This is where team members can access important team documents that sometimes need to be filled out and turned in through Schoology.


For those of you who are looking at the calendar on this site, we do want to make sure that you realize that this is currently a work in progress. We are still waiting for 7th & 8th Grade game schedules, so we are simply starting to build the calendar. Although you see quite a few tings on the calendar now, we are no where near accurate. We would appreciate your patience with our work.


Registration for the 2016-2017 Bluejackets Boys Hot Shots (K-3rd grade) & Traveling Basketball Season(4th-6th grades & 7th-8th grade) is now open! Please click on the link below to register. 

Please keep in mind a few things:

Kindergarten-3rd grade players MUST be registered prior to their first session (December 3).

4th-6th grade players MUST be registered and paid prior to their tryouts. (Week of November 14)

7th and 8th grade players should not register for their traveling teams until after trying out during our first week of practice.

"For the Love of the Game"

Another great video on parental involvement from a basketball player and team perspective.

"I Love Watching You Play"

Here is a good video on Youth Sports and the role of the parent. At least something to think about.

Past Captains and Other Information Needed!

 If you have information regarding captains, team records, and/or statistics from past Bluejackets teams, please e-mail the information to Coach McDonald.

Please check out the Records and Awards pages!

What a little time with a basketball can help you do!

Check this kid out from the state of Washington. It is amazing to see what he has worked on and gotten better with. Inspiring...