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Hibbing Boys Basketball thanks you for your support of our program.

Hibbing Boys Basketball

2017-2018 K-8 Boys Basketball Registration

All players registering for the 2017-2018 season should register using this link. This registration DOES include 7th and 8th Grade Travel Teams. Players in 7th and 8th grade that are selected to be on the in-season travel teams are able to register NOW!

Help With Dibs Registration

4th-6th Grade Travel Basketball Remind Access

All families of 4th-6th grade travel team players should join Remind to get the latest announcements throughout the season. To join the 4th-6th Grade Travel BB Remind group:

Send this text message: @2k78bh

to this Number: 81010

Remind Access for 7th-12th Grade

To join the following grade levels’ Remind group, send the text below to the phone number 81010.

7th Grade: @k8bb

8th Grade: @2a9fcec

9th Grade: @kech4

10th Grade: @9h47h

11th Grade: @fkea7

12th Grade: @mrmcdonal

Team Shoe Order

For those interested in ordering team shoes, we have our order open again. This order is open for the girls and boys programs. Please be attentive to men’s and women’s products so you do not order the wrong gender. Prices are lower with the team order. Please read information about shipping. Also remember that, even though the long compressions are on the order, they are not an option for practices and games. 

For access to our order, visit this link:

Enter the Team Code: OFMWHGBE

Sleeveless undershirts that are included in this order are the only ones players may wear on game day. White sleeveless compression shirts must be be worn with white uniforms and navy sleeveless compression shirts must be worn with navy uniforms. This entire order is optional for players. 

Products are shipped shortly after ordering.

Schoology Course Codes

To add the following courses as a player, please enter the code for your specific grade level:

9th-12th Grade


7th & 8th Grade


4th-6th Grade Travel Team Schoology Course

All players in grades 4th-6th should add the following course to their Schoology account. Players will have access to important documentation in this course and will need to submit/hand in certain "paper" items.

Please use this access code to join the 4th-6th Grade Travel Team Course:


All non-public school players should email Coach McDonald to have a Schoology account created for them. All Schoology materials can be accessed through signing in on any device at


Problems Registering? Please click this link.

If that does not solve the problem, please contact: Customer Success Resources Phone: (888) 255-7840 or (612) 230-2391

"For the Love of the Game"

Another great video on parental involvement from a basketball player and team perspective.

"I Love Watching You Play"

Here is a good video on Youth Sports and the role of the parent. At least something to think about.

Past Captains and Other Information Needed!

 If you have information regarding captains, team records, and/or statistics from past Bluejackets teams, please e-mail the information to Coach McDonald.

Please check out the Records and Awards pages!

What a little time with a basketball can help you do!

Check this kid out from the state of Washington. It is amazing to see what he has worked on and gotten better with. Inspiring...