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To The Home Of Hibbing Boys Basketball

Hibbing Salvage & Supply, Inc.

Hibbing Boys Basketball thanks you for your support of our program.

Hibbing Boys Basketball

Additional Saturday Dibs Sessions Available

Hi all,
Concession stand dibs have been added for 3 Saturdays for boys elementary basketball.  The Saturdays include February 22 and March 5 & 19.  We really appreciate the people who have signed up and worked in the concession stand so far.

These tournaments are a great fundraiser for the basketball program and with a little help from everyone we can make them successful fundraising events.

The Hoops Club

K-2 vs. MIB Game Schedule - February 20th

Game Time Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade
9:00 am Team 1 vs. MIB Team 1 vs. MIB Team 1 vs. MIB
10:00 am Team 2 vs. MIB Team 2 vs. MIB Team 2 vs. MIB
11:00 am Team 3 vs. MIB Team 3 vs. MIB Team 3 vs. MIB


All games @ Lincoln Elementary School.

Concession Stand Manager(s) Needed

We need to find one or more people willing to take on the Concession Managers position for the Hibbing Boys Basketball program.    We mostly need the concession stand manager to get the concession stand set up before each event and then shut down after.  The food ordering and dibs scheduling will be done by others. This is a very important role in our program, so please give it your consideration.  If interested, please contact any one of the board members in the drop down menu above. Thank you!!



Schoology Basketball Course Access Codes

Use the following Schoology course codes to access basketball "courses" for ONLY your grade level. This code, used on a computer or through the app, will give players access to documents that will need to be turned into Schoology. We will not be collecting paper copies of these documents. Please talk to a coach if you have questions.

Grade Levels Schoology Access Code
9th - 12th Grade CTMS8-83BTC
7th - 8th Grade Q2XDR-V32C7
4th - 6th Grade 8CTNG-TXPTC


*All public school students have a Schoology account and that is the account you should use. To log in, select the "User Name" option. In the "Select School" window, put Hibbing's ZIP Code and tap on the "Hibbing Public School District" option. This will bring you to a Google log-in screen where you will have to enter your player's school email address and their school password.

Link to Add Course Using Access Code:


If you do not have an account yet because you are not a Public School student and you have not been able to access a course, PLEASE EMAIL COACH MCDONALD. An account has been generated for you in Schoology and you will be able to get information on how to sign in.

"For the Love of the Game"

Another great video on parental involvement from a basketball player and team perspective.

"I Love Watching You Play"

Here is a good video on Youth Sports and the role of the parent. At least something to think about.

Past Captains and Other Information Needed!

 If you have information regarding captains, team records, and/or statistics from past Bluejackets teams, please e-mail the information to Coach McDonald.

Please check out the Records and Awards pages!

Hibbing Boys Basketball Events

No upcoming events found.

What a little time with a basketball can help you do!

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